Friday, October 27

The big reveal....

I do not have a JD bottle tattoo from my shoulder blades to my butt
cheeks. But I frequently tell people that I do in memes.

I won a couple of poetry contests in high school, but I was never
ridiculed and/or traumatized by classmates in the eighth grade over my
poetry (although I probably should have been). It's true that I don't
enjoy poetry at all, though. Except for those Tuesday Work Sucks

I was not the one who superglued the pennies. That was the first bad
boyfriend. But the manager WAS that awful.


On a separate note, have you tried the new white chocolate M&M's? They
are like little candy coated balls of Crisco to me.

THe dark chocolate ones are keepers, though!


Nikki said...

"candy coated balls of crisco"


Sayre said...

Cannot STAND white chocolate (which isn't chocolate at all, actually). LOVE dark chocolate!

bananas62 said...

white chocolate blows anyways I would expect to see those vanish in due time!!!

P.S, I knew you didn't have a tat!

The "Mind" said...

I am addicted to the dark chocolate M&Ms. *drool* I must leave them in the store or I'll devour a whole 1 pound bag in a day. So not good for the hips.

crse said...

Oh wow. I suspected the tattoo and the superglue but was vicariously outraged over the poetry shaming. I hate white chocolate but i am incredibly pumpted about the dark chocolate ones!