Thursday, October 12

Thursday 13 #15

13 Things that happened to me this week.

1. I scratched the bejeebus out of my arms picking limes for my Mother in law. Did you know lime trees have thorns?

2. I had a flash of brilliance regarding the halloween costume contest at work. I can't go into it, but I'm either winning for the "craziest" category, or I am SO fired.

3. I picked a huge fight with my ex-husband because, essentially, he is an idiot. It was give in and be nasty and mean spirited for three days, or chop him up and report him missing. Seriously, It was down to those two options.

4. Inadvertently screwed up with my friend, because her mother made me angry. I think I took her side a little too vehemently, and I'm sorry. very sorry.

5. Gave in and did the dishes, even though I was trying to be on strike because I seem to be the only one capable of loading the frigging DISHWASHER. We have a dishwasher, people-- and still I am the only one to cook, AND the only one to do dishes. But I had to . It was gross.
Big O will be unloading after homework.

6. Ate a kick ass dinner Saturday night--spent money we did not have taking sister-in-law out for her Birthday.

7. Lost my work weight loss competition by six lousy pounds. Evil accountant won, and boss offered her double or nothing. If she commits to losing the same amount of weight again by march, He will give her a THOUSAND dollars. I would sooo take the money now. And then go to Marie Callendar's.

8. But I renewed my vow to be below two hundred by Christmas!

9. Found my dress for the Christmas Party, EXACTLY what I wanted. I just happened to be wandering through the store and There it was marked down because it was last year's color. The only one in last year's color just happened to be in MY size. It was marked $70, and there was no way. But it was marked down to $56 and it was on sale, so I tried it on. It fit, and I decided that if it rang up under forty, I'd get it. Twenty-eight bucks, baby!

10. Went to the Dr. for the first time in twenty years that did not involve stirrups. Just a general check up. I'm good about paps, tho'.

11. Accepted that our glorious California summer is almost over and bought Little O some long sleeved t-shirts to wear under the cutie T-shirts with her jeans. She then naturally went on a dress kick and wanted to wear dresses to pre-school every day for a week, in spite of the crisp fall temperatures.

12. Had a good week with Big O in terms of homework (Always a struggle at our house).

13. Finally got trash toters in stock at work, which should cut down on the irate phone calls by half--unfortunately, the other half will still think that their bill only applies if they ENJOY gettting their garbage picked up. My job is still to explain that we get paid, whether they enjoy that fact or not. sigh. Another day, another stinking heap of--er another dollar.

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Suzy said...

Your post totally cracked me up and made me smile because I love your writing style. And the WTF Wednesday? Too hilarious!

I'm startin' to think I've been a little to serious in life. Ughh!

Tinker said...

who knew about the thorns??? bummer about number 7! happy TT!

Tracie said...

Wow! That sounds like a busy week. I hope you win that contest and don't get fired!
My TT is up!

DKRaymer said...

Whew! You had a whirlwind week! Had no idea about limes; I've never seen thorns in the produce isle. Hang in there, and keep us posted on the Halloween costume...
Happy TT,

Susan said...

thanks for a great list and thanks for the doctor reminder Jen!! unlike you I am terrible about paps and have been meaning to make an appointment for ages so tks. (hope your friend forgives you - you seem quite worthy of forgiveness to me) tks again!

crse said...

Yay for the dress and Big O's homework and for you of course! Boo for damn accountant, the ex husband and the negligent dish users. I cant wait to hear about the costume!

amy said...

That made me laugh. I understand about the dress, Got a great dress for my anniversary dinner at Dillards..On sale for 80 bucks, rang up for 30..I love days like that

KaY said...

Some people just seem to hate washing dishes. I'm one of them. Hehe.

Mine's up. Care to drop by?

Shoshana said...

Weight loss. It seems so easy to dispense advise when I was 85 pounds 5'2" little girl and not 150!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I try to go on strike taking out the bathroom garbage. It's never worked yet for me.

Happy TT


Silver said...

Hehe- loved your list. Happy TT!

Carmen said...

no matter that you lost your work competition, it matters that you're losing the weight at all! Go you!

The "Mind" said...

Well, they wouldn't be exes if they weren't idiots, right?

I like good homework weeks (also a struggle in our house).

Ugh. Dishes. I long for a dishwasher other than my own two hands. LOL!

Great TT.

Anonymous said...

Great T13, really enjoyed it! I have never seen a lime tree, so I had no idea they had thorns. That's my one thing I learned for today, so thank you very much!!! :)

Have a great day!

Christina said...

Congrats on the Halloween costume idea! I still have no idea if I am going to have a costume this year and, if so, what it will be!

lrlwreath said...

WEll you are one step ahead of me, I am still on a look out for a Christmas dress. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Crayonsetc said...

Oh, I can so make that goal with you of under 200 by Christmas!!

Great job on the dress... I so love a Sale!!!

Happy TT!!

Brony said...

Sounds like a busy week. Nice mix of positive and negative.

Anonymous said...

#11 - that's a girl for ya! :) thanks for visiting my T13 today

huberama said...

Oh do I hear you on the dishwasher situation. The husband has an inherent inability to put dishes in the dishwasher at my house. I just don't get it.

natalie said...

Dishes are my bane, too! Gosh I hate doing dishes!

Thanks for the visit!