Friday, October 27

Men Beware---not your thing...I hope.

I had the strangest experience in the stirrups yesterday...

I have gone for regular pap smears since I turned 16. That's twenty
years of awful paper dresses.

I usually go to an Ob-Gyn, but I was getting a physical anyway, and I
was overdue for an exam, so I killed two birds with one copay. My Dr.
is a nice middle aged Filipino lady. But she kept SHOWING me things.
Like everything. She beamed at me as she showed me the swab, and then
the speculum. UGH. She was so excited, and seemed to want to reassure
me that it was all good.

Lady, I'm trying to block this from my brain and pretend it's not
happening. Admittedly, after twenty years and two kids, it's not nearly
as traumatic as it used to be, but it's not a lot of fun, either.

Was it because she doesn't usually do them? Is this standard practice?
It's always been my experience that they cover it all back up
discreetly under something. Maybe it's the difference between male and
female Doctors?

Does anyone else get the show and tell treatment on this lovely, lovely


crse said...

No i have to say, my dr. is very discreet. Will just announce things quietly like "hands touching" "speculum in". "Its over!" She doesnt make me look at anything. Maybe its a phillipino thing?

Pendullum said...

I always think of the skit that Joan Rivers used to do...
Where she is at a cocktail party and sees the her gynocologyst...
She says 'Hey Doc remember me?' and lifts her skirt...

Sayre said...

The only time that happened to me was my first time. I wanted to get birthcontrol pills, but didn't have a regular doctor, so I went to the Women's Health Clinic, where everyone was named "Rain" or "Moondust" or whatever. There were about 10 of us in the room and we each got a speculum, inserted it ourselves, then had to look with a mirror at the "wonder of womanhood." Very 70s. I got my pills and left swearing to find myself a doctor pronto.

My current doctor just lets me know what's going on so I won't be surprised. And sometimes he has a student with him so he explains stuff...

factor 10 said...

Oh, Sayre, LMAO. If someone had handed me the speculum and the miror I would have been OUTTA there. BWAhahaha! Especially at sixteen and in a GROUP! I feel much better.