Sunday, October 8

Confession #483,697

Since I took and posted that damned photo, I have not done a thing on Little O's wings.

Must. Get. to. WORK.


quinn said...

Hey ,, I finally got round here and just now read your ode to quinn loved the poem too funny ..sorry I took so long in responding I had no clue I was declared the winner.??? how did that happen..and more importantly when did that happen ????

you did awesome and with chirstmas round the corner I imagine we will all be on to a new challenge by dec,.26th lol thanks again .

crse said...

Ha. We just got "booed" and I thought dammit, now I have to do something to get ready. I scammed a costume out of my dad and have no idea what hand me down the turnip will go are still a hero to me sister.