Saturday, October 14

Things I'm liking...

I recently installed Firefox, and while dial up sucks as much as ever, some of the things that you can do in Firefox are a lot of fun! I like the stumble feature. It looks for interesting things FOR you, so you don't already have to know where to go...Did that make sense? I've been playing Which Do You Like Better?, but I'm not sure that it knows all that much yet, It's first question was whether or not I was a guy...But then again, I'm not so sentimental as some of my friends, so maybe the question was legit... Interesting!


Rules for Future Evil Overlords

This technorati thing is driving me nuts...I've embedded all of their stuff, and followed directions to the letter, but they do not show that I have updated since I registered my pings are off in deep space by now, what am I doing wrong?


crse said...

Ok I have nothing to offer because I have no clue what the hell you are talking about! But it sounds like things are good with it? sort of?

factor 10 said...

Technorati is one of those WORDS in the Thursday Thirteen thing, so I finally asked, and by registeing your blog with them, (free, by the way) your blog traffic should improve. Manna will fall from heaven. Monkeys will fly out of my butt. Oaky, you may have noticed that I don't know WHAT the benfit will be, but whatever it is won't happen for me, because technorati hasn't heard from me, even though I put their secret decoder ring into the very fabric of my beloved blog...sob! But if you install firefox, and do the stumble thing, much fun will ensue.