Sunday, October 8

Can I get a boy band instead?

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It's THAT day in the honey's family, and they are getting excited...mama might make homemade menudo!


I have to explain that I will never thrive in Scotland, either. I am an Organ-o-tarian. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely a carnivore! I totally grossed out the favorite SIL last night because I ordered my steak medium (we went to a REAL restaurant for her birthday--I normally order med-rare) and it was gloriously pink. But today that same girl is dying to scarf down major organs stewed in a greasy red soup with some hominy, and I'm the gross one.

I don't do organs. Biggest organ on a body? The skin. And no, I don't want any deep fried pork rinds either. Yak. But this obsession wwith menudo and haggis and monkey brains (okay, no one I know eats monkey brains, but they are considered a delicacy, right?) is not something I can wrap my head around.

Why would you want to chew and swallow Nature's little filters. If it wasn't good for that cow or pig, why would it be good concentrated in that organ and then stewed?

I've eaten the broth to shut them up, and it's okay. They make a non-organ kind called Pasole (I've probably misspelled that) that uses meat instead of organs. They give you shredded cabbage, and onions and radishes, and lemon and oregano to sprinkle on it .

OOOH, can I get a big piece of intestine to go with my cabbage and radishes? MMMM, chewy!


The "Mind" said...

I come from a background of people who eat head cheese (some sort of meat loaf made of pig brains and served cold with vinegar) and blood sausage (exactly what it sounds like, blood inside intestines and cooked up) and it grosses me the hell out. *shuddering at the thought*

Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

Sayre said...

Ick. No, really... ICK! I don't do organs either. That's like saying "mmmmm.... give me another serving of that bodily toxic waste!" because that's exactly what it is. Brains might be different, but I'm not into that idea either.


crse said...

I dont know what is worse. The cabbage the radish the onions or the organs. At my house we would probably call this stuff CRSE repellant.

Jennifer said...

I'm half mexican, and holiday time was menudo time...arg..
I would not even taste the broth!!!

funny post, I liked the boy-band, I will ask for a helping of that next time, instead, too.

Jenny in Ca