Monday, October 23

My Honest Child...

Little O had a fabulous birthday, got a Little Mermaid scooter to go with her new helmet and elbow/knee pads. She was dying to to try it all out after school today. We got her into all of her safety gear, and began our circuit of the block.

Halfway through she looks at me and says,

"Mama, this is not a lot of fun, but it is a little fun."

Love my O's.


Sayre said...

Kids say amazing things - almost always honest. My mom says when I was little, she was trying to be a good cook, but didn't always succeed. But we were poor enough that we had to eat whatever was put in front of us because there just wasn't any more. So when faced with one of her "masterpiece" dinners, I would semi-compliment her by saying it was "delicious, but not tasty."

My son feels the same way about his scooter. He loves it, and will pull it out and scoot from time to time, but he's much rather ride his bike.

Crissy said...

Awww how cute is little O? I think Norm actually feels this way about his scooter.