Thursday, October 5

Operation Lose That Ass: the final tally.

Booooo Hoooooo

I lost both of my weight loss competitions, and yet I won...

I went from 228 at the start of the work competition, and was down to 223 at the start of OLTA.

My weight as of tuesday? 214.2

The evil accountant has triumphed at work. But maybe not for the ca$h... we have to wait for the final weigh in on monday, but I am definitely not gonna make 204 to qualify by then...

On a happier note, Quinn has been declared the winner of OLTA.

Quinn, Quinn, you are looking so Thin!
You may need a sandwich.
What's that in the grass? The rest of your Ass?
May I suggest a Monte Cristo?

Okay, I told you guys that you would have to write the poetry, now you know why. I'm sorry Quinn, you deserve better.

But really, I didn't lose anything except the extra weight that has been creeping on to me, and i intend to keep losing. I'm gonna be below 200 by Christmas. And that includes the glory that is Turkey day in November!


kim said...

Im proud of you Jen and I think you look wonderful :)
Lets hold the accountant down and force feed the bitch!

Sayre said...

You did well, grasshopper...

I'm impressed by your weight loss! 223 to 214.5 - that's nearly 10 lbs! Overall, you're doing great - just keep going!

That's what I'm doing. I lost the battle, but I'm winning the war! It's just taking longer than anticipated (do I sound like Bush or what????... kill me now!).

crse said...

You rock. You completely rock. Ignore the oreo comment on the cookie book. The poem was a beautiful thing! If the accountant wins, let me know. I know people.

quinn said...

wow...... I just finally got over here to your blog ...sorry I am slow..
awwwww I loved the poem...and laughed alot... thanks so much ..but I have a question..when was I declared the winner ?????
how did I miss that ?????

thanks so much ....
too funny .....