Monday, October 9

Stupid Tetanus Shot...

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Yeah, that's right. A tetanus shot. And I'm not at all happy about it, either. Not for one of the O's, for ME. Doctor found out I worked at the garbage comapny and nothing would do but that I get a shot. I answer PHONES. But I can't remember when I last had one, so there I go. Stuck like the proverbial pig.
I scared the nurse when I told her I was a screamer in elementary school when shots came around.
Lord, I hated getting stuck.

I'm such a baby.


On the upside, the nurse was a little lazy, and even though it was sitting a bit high, she marked me down at 210 for weight. Gotta love those lazy wenches...


Sayre said...

I don't mind needles. But I have to watch them go in or I involuntarily flinch. I'm a BIG flincher.

Does this make me weird????

quinn said...

awww poor you on having to have a needle when you dislike them so much ..however...a tetnus shot is recommended every 10 years.

No matter where you work could just get scraped at home or at the grocery store on a cart and the tetnus shot will provide you the security against big big trouble.

Glad you took your medicine like a big are all the healthier for having done so.

The "Mind" said...

Just be glad that he didn't recommend you for the Hep C series. Yes, I said series...of three...all in like a month. Our maintenance guys just had to get those because they do garbage and have been known to have to unplug a sink or two (even though we hire out plugged sewer duties to a professional).

crse said...

You and Norm are in the same boat with this. Each time he gets a shot he tries to make me promise that he will never ever again need another shot. I just say not for a while buddy. But now you dont have to worry about it for at least ten years!

factor 10 said...
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factor 10 said...

The sucky thing was that I could not remember when my last tetnus shot was, and I remembered as I was pulling out of the parking lot--it was like six years ago--oh, well, I'm good until Little O is fourteen now--gawd, what a horrible thought.

Sayre, I am the Opposite--I'm Okay as long as I do NOT see it go in.