Saturday, October 28

Confession #68,428,585

Halloween was much easier and more fun when I had one child. Maybe it's the age difference, but these endless nights of Halloween are seeming to go on and on this year. When Big O was small, it was ONE night, Two if we hear about something fun.

We have been trick-or treating to the UOP dorms, which was fun, but Little O was DRAGGIN' by the end, and Big O was ready to go for days more.

We went to Big O's school Family Fun Night, where I felt like Satan for not volunteering like they were begging us to, but what, exactly, am I going to do with my four year old while I flip burgers? Because making her sit for even fifteen minutes is not an option when the carnival is going on.

I still have the actual night to go, which will involve lots of ferrying Little O from one relative to the next so that they can ooh and ah over her. Maybe it was easier with Big O because nobody lived in town and ther were no older siblings to keep up with. This year should be better, though, because the Honey actually has the night off. This year I don't have to try and do it all myself!

Big O will be with his dad, which ought to make it easier, but it doesn't, because I miss him when he's gone, and hate that he and Little O don't get all of their holidays together. Hate it.

Whatcha gonna do, though?


The "Mind" said...

Halloween is both my favorite and least favorite "holiday". It is also Dreaded Teenager's birthday, so in just two days he'll be 16. Heaven help me.

When he was younger, he always had treat day on Halloween. And really, as if kids need more treats on that day. So I felt the need to come up with much more nutritional things, but still keep it festive. I ended up with things like Spider Sandwiches (pb&j, cut into circles w/pretzel sticks for legs and raisin eyes).

Between his bday, extra treats, trick or treat, school carnivals and on and just wore me out. It's better now that he's older, but I still do whatever I can to take that day off work just to prepare whatever meal he has requested and get everything in order.

crse said...

Ahh buddy, that does suck about big O being gone. I share your dread about the dragging though. I invited my little niece over to spend the night and have all these halloween activities planned for them until we go trick or treating tomorrow then drag them to my dads for the ooh and ahhhing. I love it yet dread it.