Wednesday, April 11

13 ways you might qualify for the Dorkteenth...

1. Have you ever worn your coat/sweater inside out?

2. Accidentally told your boss you loved him/her?

3. Made a situation worse by trying to explain what really happened?

4. Required the fire department to rescue you or put something out?

5. Been forced to admit that you may have been overstating it to say "we don't need no steeenking maps"

6. Locked yourself out of (or inside of) anything?

7. Had to post a comment on your own comment on someone else's blog?

8. Thought to yourself--I should pick up that penny--just as you sucked it into the vacuum, killing yet another home appliance for all time.

9. Hit the "reply all" button by mistake and emailed the joke to the entire company?

10. Lost your keys, permanently?

11. Looked down in horror at one black and one blue sock or shoe combo?

12. Thrown the mother of all hissy fits at a retail establishment, only to realize that you are, in fact, in the wrong?

13. Have you ever really INTENDED to enter a fun giggly contest, but forgot and missed the deadline?

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Kimo & Sabi said...

One time Mommakitty had to get dressed fer work real early in da morning, when it was still dark out - when she got to work whe discovered she had one black shoe and one brown shoe on!

Ingrid said...

that would be really hilarious if that would happen to me!!! i wonder how i would get myself out of the situation!! great list this week!!! very funny!

Nicholas said...

I've done 3, as I suspect we all have. Also, I once did 6 and the memory still makes me blush.

Ash said...

Yes to every single one.

Sigh. I kept reading it, hoping against hope that maybe one would not apply.

At least I am where I fit in.

If I knew ya'll in person I would squish you with hugs.

Raggedy said...

I am laughing so hard here.
Those were great!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Raggedy said...

You are not alone.

crse said...

Oh spiritual sister of dork! Im sitting down to write my dorkteenth entry now. Knowing that not only can I relate to these but some were actually based on me was quite inspiring.

RevJim said...

All of the above.