Wednesday, April 4

TT #32: I will be the Dork at the Prom. Even the virtual prom.

Mert has turned me on to something glorious.

It's the virtual prom, and it's for a great cause!

My Thursday Thirteen is in honor of the Virtual Prom.

1.This is the story of the Virtual Prom. There's actually a real prom going on, too, but we can buy tickets for the virtual prom and still give to a good cause.

2. Miz Mary Mert psoted about it on her blog and I was hooked.

3. But I was the socially inept classic gawky girl, and never went to a prom. I got brave and asked the nicest, safest boy I knew if he'd go with me to the junior prom, and he turned me down. The fact that he came out two months later made me feel much better.

4. In honor of David T., where ever he may be, here is a photo of my virtual Prom date:

Please note the sylish Manpri pants that my date is wearing. I realize that living with a traditional Mexican male may cloud my perspective here, but I'm thinking this guy has probably made an announcement verrrry similar to David T.'s. Just a hunch.

5. What to wear, what to wear. I am no spring chicken, but nor am I eating my supper at 4:30. Maybe not a traditional PROM dress...something modern...

Please note that this ensemble comes in plus sizes. A very important feature, as I am, in fact, a plus sized girl. The fact that certain parts of me are bigger plusses than others makes me think that maybe some support is in order. The girls are rather epic...Has anyone really thought about the timeless fashion debate--just because things CAN be made in Big girl sizes does not mean that they SHOULD?

6. Maybe a nice suit?

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Hmmm... those stripes on a big girl could turn into the flag of some obscure southern hemisphere nation.

7. Perhaps a single unifying color?

MMMmmm, the hat could be a problem. I need good peripheral vision to safely navigate the dance floor. Although I can dust the hell out of it with that dust ruffle at the bottom...

8. Maybe something with a simple cut, but a nice subdued pattern?

Again, how lovely that this company makes this stunner in plus sizes. Not sure I can properly express my gratitude.

9. Well, I still have time to look for a dress, I guess. I was thinking about how I'd like my makeup. I've been cruising the MAC counter, but I haven't spotted THIS look.

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The possessed-by-an-unholy-demon-that-is-about-to-consume-your-soul look--very nice. She also kind of looks like Christine Baranski (SP?). She was the Who that boffed the grinch in the live action film...

10. Let's not forget the all important undergarments.

11. Okay, seriously, it's a lovely cause and I encourage you all to go read the story and buy a ticket if you have extra money hanging around in PayPal.

12. Now on to serious things...Are you ready for the Dorkteenth?

13. Go to Dorkbloggers to see Mert's Prom Dress....

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Danielle said...

I love the suit number 6 but probably would look awful
happy tt
great post

PJ said...

Sounds like fun - I'll also bring my gay best friend and slap on lots of warpaint. Happy TT!

Denise Patrick said...

Very funny!! Yeah, I love the jumpsuit, but would never look as good as the model.

Jamie said...

Fun list and great cause. Just thinking about the virtual date ... wonder what Hugh Jackman is doing that evening?

crse said...

Oh MY GOD where did you find these? They are polyester promTASTIC! It reminded me of the Rita Rudner joke where the sales woman says "It looks better on" and she says "on what? on FIRE?"

Janet said...

#9 made me spit out my coffee ROFLMAO!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, the possessed woman is freaky!! NICE MAKEUP! I love the virtual prom idea, I saw that on Mert's blog too! And as a plus size girl, I must agree with you on the point "just because things CAN be made in Big girl sizes does not mean that they SHOULD?" I've seen some of my fellow plus sizer's livin' large in some HIDEOUS creations that should NOT have been made in plus sizes!!

Terra said...

I enjoyed this, it was fun... And great to see that not everyone takes themselves to serious!!!


Ash said...

Peep Battles? Of this I have not heard, will have to try.
I'm looking forward to sunday if only for the food. (The belly, it is is hungry)

Awesome TT. Wish I were going to the prom, but sadly, am poor. or as my husband says, finacially challenged.

The "Mind" said...

"those stripes on a big girl could turn into the flag of some obscure southern hemisphere nation."

OMG, that is hysterical.

And I know someone who actually does her makeup exactly like #9. Every. day. It's scary.