Tuesday, April 24

I know why people believed in doppelgangers

Because my sweet, happy four year old has been switched with the spawn of Satan himself.
Think I'm kidding?
Little O has decided that she no longer wants to go to preschool.  It's too hard when they ask her to sit at the table and work on her letters.  It's not a matter of ability.  She can do it fine.  She doesn't want to.  She will start hysterics at any given time about not wanting to go to preschool.  Satuday, in the middle of a party? Crying over preschool.  Wednesday, home with daddy?  Crying over having to go back on Friday. 
Today I had to literally peel her off the gate, drag her screaming from the carseat, and catch her as she tried to run away while we waited at the door. 
Who switched my child?  My sweet sunny girl is gone.
There are no new teachers at preschool, no new routine.  I did consider the possibilities, ugly though they are.  I think it's just that she got anohter week home with me, and no work to do during that time, and has decided that she likes that way better.  We have NEVER had a problem dropping off at preschool. 
I am stunned, exhausted.
I'll see your Caligula/Nero tag team and raise you a screaming Demon child. 


Ash said...

Obviously, you have not yet met my daughter Leila, who really is the spawn of satan. So sweet and adoring most minutes. but ask her to do someething, like, pick up the bbeads from her floor, and THE WORLD ENDS!

You would think I was asking her to murder bunnies.

Also, ha! Ask her to brush her teeth, that's like, HOURS of fun.

It's strange, the minute she turned five, the world stopped being a great place to live. I'm PRAYING that six is better, because at this rate, she won't make it to seven.

crse said...

ohhh friends...it aint gonna get any better. Did i ever tell you that my dad said that he would rather raise ten boys than one girl? And Im his only daughter? Ohhh i have my little mad dictators now, but i will hopefully be enjoying the stories of your upcoming teen years more than my own. Hopefully.

Mert said...

I agree with you guys, girls are.... hell!

I have on a few occasions said to my hubs and MIL, "I'm going to pull back her hair and start searching for the 666." They didn't appreciate that very much. Whatevah!

What ever keeps you from beating the tar outta them, right? (Excluding Crack , of course)

Mine thinks that just because we moved Em out of her room, she is fricking princess of England. I told her if she didn't knock it off with eye rolling and exaggerated sighing, I was going to rip her room apart and move Emma back in.

6 going on 32. I used to say I'd rather have girls than boys, but then I forgot to factor in puberty and PMS. Emma is worse than Anna at times.

We are so f()cked.

Does the fun ever start?