Tuesday, April 17

You are a Flippin' Idiot, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown
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Seriously, WHO waits until the last minute to file their taxes?
I bought the damned Turbo Tax program in JANUARY.
Now, oddly, the lines are jammed, and I cannot file electronically. I've never put it off this late (I am usually jonesin' for money, oh, about January third) since the advent of Turbo Tax.

They owe me money, so I guess they won't really mind waiting until 2 am when all the suckas have finished and the losers are still limping across the finish line.




Yay! eleven fifty-one, and the last one finally went through! Life as a procrastinator with craptastic dial up just keeps chugging along. Stay tuned for my fatfession, sponsored by Mert. I will lose this weight, and Mert is going to be my inspiration/partner. I think this means my beloved fried foods are gone...sob!


Pendullum said...

Eureka could be heard all the way up here!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm with you and Mert on trying to abandon the beloved fried foods...and sweets...eek!

And somehow I must have missed the carebear van when I was checking blogs yesterday, was that there then? Dear God that's scary!

Sayre said...

Who's Mert?

(ps: my word verification is

Would Mert have anything to do with fiber????

Mert said...

I'm with you all the way! I tried to say good bye to my beloved grease... It's freaking hard! It's my drug of choice.

I hope to have my bike attached to it's stationary whirlamagig soon, so I can start riding while Emma takes a nap.