Friday, April 20

Little O

...Mama, do you like King Crab?

Um, sure, I guess, Baby.

When I am Seventeen, I will buy you King Crab for Christmas and I will wrap it up and you will love it.

Okay, Baby. I'm sure I will.

Daddy? WhenIamseventeenmamawill sitwhereyousitandyouwillsitwhere

mmm...okay, Baby.


Mama pretend that I am the pretend baby and you are the pretend mama and this is the pretend blanket, and the pretend baby wants the pretend mama to wrap her up in the pretend blanket. Pretend babies cry like this.....

There are days when my daughter has trouble rememebering to breathe because she talks so much. My mother laughs her muwahhahaha laugh and says that it is such sweet payback , and that I have several more years , right up until she turns into a sullen teenager and slams the door. I love listening to her and dread the day that the door slams.

But she is exhausting.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh how hilarious! How old is your daughter? My almost 2 year old is starting to come out with more and more!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, she is four and a half.
And I just noticed my typo on remembering, I just want y'all to know that I CAN spell, I just can't type.


crse said...

Ah buddy, i know the feeling. I just told norm yesterday that i hoped he would always talk to me as much as he does now. But when do their brains ever slow down?

Sayre said...

My son does that talking talking talking thing. He's turning 8 on Sunday and he STILL does it. There are days when I wish he'd just shut up, but then I remember that one day, he will. Better to keep them going for as long as you can.

ZigZagMan said...

:) our boy is 13, our daughter 10....this does not end soon....:)

For the son called me from his friends house....a lil irate at me for emailing him the "llama song"......which begrudgingly admits he listened