Tuesday, April 17


care bear van
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I just took a forty eight question quiz to get a photo to illustrate this post, and there was no picture. Cheap bastards. Is there a tightass Care Bear?

Let me tell you that this picture would be my worst nightmare. I'll bet they play care bear DVD's 24-7 inside that unholy minivan. Who ever thought these insipid moronic pansies were a good idea?

I just bought Little O a DVD because she had been begging, and I thought what the hell?

Hell is right. That DVD is not just getting lost, it's going to die a horrible death so we make sure it's never put into the DVD player again.

Horrible...it's horrible. I'll buy her a new Wiggles DVD (swore I wouldn't get any more of those) I'll buy her the whole Veggie Tales collection at Costco. (Actually? I love the Veggie Tales. Those silly songs crack me up. I don't know if I am Bob or Larry, but I so identify with those damned veggies)

I want to make anti-care bears.

Of course in a world with garbage pail kids, they've probably already been done.

I am normally pretty patient with everything kid related (except for Barbie books, because they always fall back on the ick stereotype) but these things must GO. Before midnight tonight.


kim said...

ohh hell girlfriend ill trade you two thomas the trains for that care bear cd any freakin day!!

Variant E said...

That mini van is scary. You'd have to pay me A LOT to drive it. I had another similar shot of a souped up care bear vehicle on my blog last week. Maybe it's a care bear infestation!

Ash said...

Barney has never been allowed in my house, but um, I love me some carebears. They first came out when I was little, and there is nothing like watching the movie with my daughter(both of the movies, actually. always did like the second one better) Er, also the my little ponies movie.

I've humilated myself enough now.

Factor 10 said...

Ash, my friend, you have a very strong stomach.

Sayre said...

I like the CareBears movies, but not the TV show. You might try the Brave Little Toaster movies - we loved those. Z-boy has outgrown most of that stuff now and is into StarWars and YuGiOh.

Don't worry - your kid will outgrow the sticky sweet stuff too.

Mert said...

heehee, I feel a Photoshop inspiration coming on.

First up will be Dork care bear of course!

Then i will have to make a crse a FIGC care bear, LOL!

Maybe I will make myself an evil MIL bear. :D