Sunday, April 15

sunday quizzfest

Your Drag Queen Name Is:

Lotta Estrogen

Where did blogthings get my picture?

Oh dear dog, I went to quizilla to find another quiz, but I had to leave. The misspellings and "text-speak" were awful. I AM too old for that shit. I blame Prince. Yes, I realize that 4-ever was written in yearbooks long before he came along, but I still blame him. His assless pants may also have been responsible for global warming. Because Dubya says it couldn't be Industry.

The honey loves to stir things up. His sibs were sitting around, debating Carlos Mencia and his shtick about posting the Virgin of Guadalupe with her hands out in a stop gesture (instead of folded in prayer) to stop illegal immigration. I thought one of the brothers-in-law was going to come after the honey. They see it as making fun of the Virgin, and we see it as making fun of the immigrants. It's definitely a touchy subject--mental note: Don't mess with the Virgin.
This is an important one for me, because I do loves me some sacreligious humor. Don't get me started about the immaculate conception.


Mert said...

Is that like "Don't mess with Texas"?

Sayre said...

I love religious (or sacraligious) humor too - there is so much matieral! And you know HE must have a sense of humor... too bad his people don't always.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

People need to lighten on the the religious stuff and the politically correct. I have a sense of humor about the stuff, why can't everyone else!? hehe

Ash said...

you can totally be mama mammaries. We'll switch, it'll be fun. I always thought drag queens look better in makeup than I do.