Sunday, April 29

What was in that truck again?

We are so freaking vulnerable to ANY attack on the system it's unbelievable. Just a truck full of gas. No nitrate fertilizer, no rented U-haul. The Bay Area is going to be screwed up for months, and it's just a stupid mistake. Dude driving too fast around one of those corkscrew connections.

The honeybees are leaving and we are doomed. There is your Sunday Sunshine from Jen.

Little O starts T-ball soon--can't wait for the exorcist routine on the T-ball field.


But I have books to read...yum!


crse said...

Yeah this whole thing alarms the hell out of me. Its like a lesson on how to cripple us as a nation. At least your noble governor is stepping in and not pulling a GWB! Be safe buddy

Mert said...

That is freaky!I am glad no one was hurt though.

We just exited the Bay bridge a few minutes before it collapsed during the earth quake, at that point I had only been living in the Bay Area for a week- while we were in the Navy.

Seeing that bridge collapsed like that brings back a lot of memories.

Mert said...

I'm watching Conan right now in SF. :D He just made a joke asking if the audience liked the set (Golden Gate)... then he said they had built a Bay Bridge set but it collapsed. What a poop :D