Tuesday, April 24

Can I have some pizza with my olives?

This is Little O's customized pizza.

My child is back (temporarily).

Photos of our drunken-farewell-to-Kim-party will probably follow. Only two months after the fact. Video of Bre and Sonny Vogue-ing will not be shown, as I apparently laughed like a hyena through the whole performance. I think I'm probably a terrible drunk. I leave that to the Honey these days. I am "the driver" and actually pretty relieved to be. No unfortunate stories floating around the in-laws. Of course, I don't think I could ever top my first impression, New Year's Eve in a skirt up to THERE. Not a great way to meet your Honey's mom, let alone his six siblings and four hundred and forty-eight (I may be off on that count) nieces/nephews/cousins/old family friends. I had a room key in my purse, and had dressed accordingly. I thought we were having a private party, not meeting each of his relatives. Ack.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, nothing wrong with Little O's pizza. Mine would look quite similar to that. *says the woman who puts black olives in her cottage cheese and eats the whole mess like it is dip on ripple chips*

Ok, now I'm hungry. LOL!

Mert said...

Looks good to me!