Friday, June 23

AAArgh! part 2

The MAN has given us the corporate bitch slap. My division of corporate America has been red flagged for excessive internet use. We can blogsurf no more. ARGH!

Did you ever see the episode of Will & Grace where Grace and Jack go on the antiques roadshow? Grace can't wait to make the losing face, eyes scrunched shut, mouth a perfect "O" of despair.

That is me.

In all fairness, we were stunned that we were able to blog for as long as we did, and we knew the end would come. But it hurts me. Really. If my posts look wierd, it'll be the fabulous email feature. no surfing.


Jen said...

blogsurf no more???
that's sick

I seriously would get another job.
That's like torture.


bananas62 said...

OMG, I know that corporate American, what a bunch of facists! I wonder, though, how many at the corporate level are blogging ... cuz they can! like they won't narc on themselves... don't they understand that's what gets us through our day!!! chin up little blogger! =8-)