Friday, June 16

Happy Friday!

I no longer live the kind of life that includes hot plans for a weekend, but I am giddy at the thought of meeting my mama-san at IKEA for a leisurely stroll...

#1 My Parents live many hours away, so getting to see them is a treat.

#2 While I'd like to be hip and cool enough to sneer at the mention of IKEA, I'm not. It's like Christmas. I understand that people DO sneer at IKEA, but I'm not convinced that they've BEEN to IKEA. Maybe they are bitter about their inability to use an allen wrench? I luuuuv dishes and gadgets and clean simple lines. Much of what I love about Target has been distilled into it's finest and placed on the shelves of IKEA. That, or Target has shamelessly modeled themselves on the Swedish Superstore. If so, I'd like to thank them for making good clean lines and design available to those of us who'd rather not endure the gauntlet of Wal Mart. I don't care what my budget says.

#3 If I'm lucky, my brother will be home and I'll get a gourmet meal out of the deal--He's a firefighter, but could get a second career as a Chef easily. I always come home with a new recipe to try out. But that's another blog...

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