Thursday, June 29

Quick! Eat them Up!

Tomorrow I do the most obscene thing I have ever contemplated. I begin a weight loss competition at work. I have never dieted before. Ever. I have paid attention to what I ate, and I have half assed thought abut portion control, but an actual thought out diet? never. Wait, did I say thought out?
Because I'm sure if I had thought this out I'd never have agreed to a public weigh in, or I'd at least have an idea how I'm going to go about this.
But since complaining about my ever increasing gut has not reduced it's size at all, maybe shame is the answer. I often refer to the wobbly part of my underarms as "teacher arms" in reference to my 9th grade algebra teacher. As it turned out she was part flying squirrel, so she had an excuse. The other day my Honey (and I use the term lightly) agreed with me about my teacher arms and says "What are you up to, fourth grade?" Bastard.
It's ON now.
Your beer belly vs my teacher arms.

1 comment:

bananas62 said...

I would have joined you in that competition...too many people privey to my vital statitics! I'm in your corner, now go out there and win!!!!!