Wednesday, June 21

WTF Wednesday

Shall we create awards for the deserving? Is there someone you'd like to nominate for the WTF Wednesday Bitch-Slap? Please feel free to leave a comment. Today I have two issues...

What is the mental block that bank managers have when it comes to scheduling personnel on a Friday--you know, Payday? I've managed retail establishments. When you have an established traffic pattern, you schedule accordingly--unless you manage a bank. One of my sisters-in-law manages a bank, and I love her dearly, but I don't go to her bank, because I don't want to ever have this conversation with her. Two tellers at lunch hour on a Friday. WTF?

Okay, we've already established that my MIL speaks no english. I do not have a problem with non-native speakers. But I'd like to nominate the manager of the local jack in the crack for a WTFW Silver Bitch-Slap for making some poor Latvian woman-- who clearly did not know the language OR the register-- work the drive-thru. That was a great use of my lunch hour. really.

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