Tuesday, June 20

Idiot Box

Okay, I like t.v. and I know that I'm supposed to be above it all, listening to public radio- only watching educational shows with my kids, but I love TV. Last night we watched Hell's Kitchen. The fact that they managed to find a way to get the girls into bikinis on a cooking show--okay, it IS television. But did the girls have to be so F*ing STEWWWPID and get all giggly about Gordon Ramsey* (aka Chef)? Ya like him? Think He's hot in a scrunchy englishman way? so be it, but show some freaking dignity! I'm pretty sure it's a direct quote:
"Hmmm...I wish CHEF was here to rub some lotion on."

*insert intro to bad seventies porn here*

This was followed by simpering giggles of agreement. Then they get back to the house and suddenly one of them is upset about the chauvinist comments made by the guys. To be fair, I don't think the angry feminist (heather?) was the one who made the comment while they were bikini clad. But come on!
The other day I was reading a blog, and I'm sorry I can't find it--he was dade something or something dade, and he was going off on girls who pimp drinks. It was beautiful. I'll try to find it to link...

* I have no problem with Chef, and he seemed very pleasant when not paid to make the entire staff his bitches on national television. My tastes run elsewhere, but this comment was not meant to imply that he's trollish. sorry.

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Jen said...

I loved Hells Kitchen too, and I would have to agree with you about the lack of dignity the women showed drooling over "Chef". I like Chef Ramsey because he calls them on all of their stupid stuff. I think the feminazi Heather went a little overboard about the stupid comment made by the understandably frustrated guys, who just had their ass's handed to them by a bunch of girls.