Wednesday, June 7

WTF Wednesday

So I work in an office. Now, I'm the first to admit that I probably obsess about the golden rule. I understand that not everyone is interested in being considerate. I've got my bitchy-kiss-my-ass days just like everyone else. I'm 44% evil! :)
But we are not feral cave people. We are not even bordering on homeless. We all drive cars and have lunch money (most days). Point in fact, I am probably the lowest man on the payscale totem pole, not counting the temps... But as a precaution, I've checked with the temps, too.

Who in the f* does not have a can opener at home?

What would compel you to steal the breakroom can opener over and over again? Is it a klepto thing? I dunno. Maybe it's management trying to make me feel beter about my life. My job sucks, but man, at least I'm better off than the guy without a can opener...

1 comment:

kim said...

i took them obsessed and now i have lots of them baahaaha