Thursday, June 15

I miss that...

T-shirt! I had a great T-shirt in high school (Oh, dear God, could it have been almost twenty years ago?) ack. It was Son of Reaganstein. It showed the first Bush as frankenstien complete with lovely green skin and bolts and had his greatest hits as the movie poster teasers. I think my mom threw it out when I moved out of Chico. Some nonsense about growing up and dressing like an adult, I'm sure. I loved that shirt. They're like Jason...they keep coming back. Son of Son of Reaganstein in 3-D! ugh.

On a totally unrelated note, but equally ugh, what was up with Britney Spears' eyelid? Was there a big black tic on her lid? Was that an intentional application of mascara or eyeliner? My honey was totally grossed out by Matt Lauer doing the interview without socks. That was almost as funny as her eyelid.

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Ellie said...

I have a college t like that. It said F*** Duke on the front. I attended the University of Maryland and always got a high five when I wore it. I think my husbands sister stole it!

Yeah, Brit looked like she wasn't prepared for that inverview, that was a huge glop of mascara. But I enjoyed the interview. I think the papz should leave her alone for awhile.

Thanks for stopping by my site. I agree the evil test is father in law was more evil than me. That is worrisome!