Monday, June 5

Jen Factors

So being born in the early seventies, I am, of course, named Jennifer--as are several million other females born around that time. I have always had friends named Jen, ususally several at a time. The greatest of these was a fellow bookstore employee. For ease of gossip and scheduling, I was Jen #1, and she was Jen #2. After long nights working together and longer nights spent in a drunken haze, we boiled our bizzare luck down to a theory we called the Jen Factor.

1: Anything involving a Jen can be assigned a factor between 1 and 10. For example: A verbal faux pas is a factor one. Locking yourself out of anything is a factor two.
2: If two Jens are together, the effect is increased exponentially, and chaos will ensue. For example: What should be a simple drive home after a long day turns into a blowout on the freeway/near death experience, or going out for a beer on your birhtday turns out to be watching your car turn into a black smoke bomb before you even got a damned drink.

In spite of this discovery, we remain great friends. But the distance is probably a good thing.

Any Jens out there who have experienced this phenomenon? Is there a corresponing Bob factor of some sort? Or will the Brittanys of the world be the new Jens?

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Jen said...

Dude, love the JenFactor stories. It seems like there are more than I can "remember" I miss living closer than we do now, but like you said maybe it's a good thing....Love ya, Jen #2