Thursday, June 29

I AM anal retentive.

We have a very sweet older gentleman who works for the company. He does a little of everything in terms of maintenance and deliveries. I don't know if the guys in the back look down on him or are jealous of the (in theory) cush job he's got, but he sort of becomes the fall back guy for any time the drivers completely flake. Call Frank, He'll get it.
So the nicest man in the world does not have a space that is totally his own, but he comes in every morning and sits at the table behind me to do his paperwork. On his table, he has had these two photos crammed in a frame for years--a 4 x6 of his son, with a beloved dog that had to be put down, and a wallet sized of his first grandaughter. Anytime anyone asks about his pictures he just beams, and tells you the story of the dog that had to be put down. But you could never see the dog, because the grandbaby covered it up.
I admit that I am obsessive about pictures. I have pictures of my kids everywhere, and I want to be able to see each and every one. So Frank's covered dog killed me. I finally brought him in a cool, thick, acrylic frame without an edge, in a lovely 5 x 7 size, so both of his pictures could float unobstructed in their little plastic block. It looked fabulous.
Until he brought in a picture of the grand canyon to add to it.
It's a snapshot, and it has been cut down, and it would fit, except that his granddaughter, lying in a bed of roses in her diaper, gets stood up. The picture of the baby, LYING DOWN in her bed of roses, gets stood up. By standing her up, he COVERS the picture of the grand canyon with the exception of a strip of blue sky--and leaves a small square of clear plastic in the corner, where his granddaughter's head ought to be.
If she weren't standing up.

It kills me. My co-worker (the four year old from WTF Weds) finds it hysterical that he brought in this picture and did the same thing. I can't even look at it. I want to lay that baby down SOOOO badly.

My name is Jennifer, and I am anal retentive. Mildly Martha.


kim said...

you are so anal *dies laughing*

factor 10 said...

But the child is standing up.
Come on now.

Bre said...

we need to take a picture of his collage, for all to see and become obsessive-compulsive over. then, we can set up a picture frame donation program for frank, so he can get new frames to put his overlapping photos into. and you know he will!