Wednesday, January 31


Why isn't there some kind of a test you have to pass before they give you a checkbook, or a visa check card?

I can see if you are eighteen and just got your checkbook, you might need to ask how to change the cents on the check and have it still be legal. But when you are WELL into your forties, if not beyond them, you should pretty much have the change it and initial it thing down.

The same thing goes for the Visa check cards. IF you don't get that I'm processing it as a credit card, because that's all that we take, but it is still coming out of your Checking, so could you please NOT have kittens, well I'm afraid I'll have to cut up your card.

I want a big REVOKED stamp and some indelible red ink. I'm just gonna stamp your forehead, riiiight here, above your eyebrows. I have revoked your checking rights, I have revoked your visa check card. Pay in Cash.

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Ash said...

hello hammer, hitting the nail squarely on the head. ask me about running collections for a roofing company in south florida.
Can you say CHEAP MF's?
WEEEE, I'm dorkblogging now too. awesome idea BTW. Perhaps sometime I can guest post on it.
(Dude, did I shamelessly just pimp myself? totally. I'm such a chump)