Wednesday, January 10

Thursday Thirteen #22

13 Occasions My Inner Voice Failed me!

1. I am SO glad my coworker-with-no-formal-training has volunteered to cut my hair in time for the Honey's Christmas party tonight! After all, she can't make it look any worse than it does right now…hmm, well, I guess we can just use the work scissors.

2. I have plenty of time.

3. Oh, bubby was so cute with that little screwdriver in his hand, wait til his daddy comes home and sees how quickly he can take things apart. I'd better take it away now…where is he? He was just here!

4. Oh, that's silly. Nobody really drinks on the job. Let's just stop all of the dramatic accusations, and get back to work.

5. Ha-ha. It doesn't really mean anything that the only song my new husband and I can think of as "our song" is Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Nothing at all.

6. Nobody will notice one black sock and one blue.

7. I'll do it tomorrow.

8. He's too nice a guy to cheat. If I'm the bitchy one, and I wouldn't cheat, then HE would NEVER cheat.

9. A manager! I'm going to be a manager! How glamorous! Of course I'll go back to school, but how can I turn down such a fabulous opportunity to earn little to nothing—Ohh, it's salary! I'll be able to take extra time off, no problem! This is gonna be so great!

10. Wow—how mature of him to be living with his sister to save money as he goes to college. I just moved out on my own and got a low paying job in retail, paying my own way. He must be super smart and very responsible to live with his sister and her husband who do everything for him.

11. How cool to move in with your best friend—we'll be just like the Odd Couple—She's neat and I'm sloppy, but friendship can overcome silly obstacles like that! (Thank Dog our Friendship did survive that THAT adventure—love ya, Kat!)

12. If I don't open that, it means it's not going to happen.

13. How different could self rising flour be?

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crse said...

oh my god buddy. "If i dont open that, it means its not going to happen" should be on my mailbox. This is a GREAT list buddy. Cheers me up on my sickbed. Happy TT!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

My inner voice also failed me on that whole 'salary' thing also. Great post.

My TT is up also.

she said...

Moving in with a good friend often works out poorly - it took years for Cat and I to be comfortable with each other on a friendship level after we lived together.

The salary thing really sucks. How much OT do they manage to have you working for free?

Sarah said...

The inner voice is funny. I always second guess mine. "Is this the hunch to go this way, but really I deny it and go the other way and it is a smart decision on my part? Or is that a red herring and I'm meant to follow the original hunch? 'Cause THIS is the boyfriend who'll do something horrid but turn out right for me."


Raggedy said...

What a great list.
I have been failed by my inner voice as well.
#13 was a whoot!
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

scribbit said...

The last cracked me up. Yup, it's definitely different than the all purpose stuff.

JohnH985 said...

I don't even want to think of where my inner voice failed me.

My 13 are up.

Anonymous said...

"If I don't open that..." LOL!

I've done the hair one, but not exactly like that. My inner voice has failed to tell me on several occasions that trimming my own bangs was not a good idea.

Jennifer said...

oh, I'm laughing right now...

yeah, been there done that with the salary thing. Hubby won't fall for that again, it's hourly-all the way.

glad that your friendship survived.

and yes, I guess the our song thing should have been a red flag...!!!

good TT!
i didn't do one, brain fog..

Marcia said...

Oh, I don't ever want to write mine down for the world to read, but then my overprotective mind probably won't let me.