Sunday, January 7


I was sent three Marian Keyes books by my dear friend Jen, and they were good in a lighthearted chicky sort of way. The third one that I read, Rachel's Holiday,was a little heavier. It dealt with an addict, and it was interesting to see the process and the behaviors of addiction. In an alternate universe, I could see that being me. I am, once again, very grateful to have never gotten sucked into a druggie life. Sadly, I have watched a few friends fall prey to their addictions, and they lost everything that they ever held dear.

But what got me started on all of this, was that one of the blogs I stop by, Still Life with Soup Can, has reading tastes pretty similar to my own, and now I know that there is a new Robin Hobb series (Yay!) and another of the books she's currently reading looks good, too.

Little O is NOT a good bookstore shopper. It's a cruel kind of torture to be so close to that many books, and be trapped at the Thomas table at Barnes & Noble. I have become that odd creature that I always shook my head sadly at, the supermarket buyer. The alternative is to do the flying scan as we quickly cruise the B&N aisles, looking for known authors, and grabbing what I hope is the beginning of a new series. No more unknown authors for me, unless I find them mentioned in a blog.

There are days that I miss working in the bookstore more than I can express. Challenging conversations about books and current affairs, trying to match a half remembered plot with a book I'd shelved maybe twice--great stuff! I never asked a politically incorrect question about someone else's parenting skills, when I dealt with bookstore customers. Honestly? I never even had an opportunity to until they moved the B&N into the mall. That's when the customer base began to slide--I blame it on the cafe' and the cushy chairs. All of my B. Dalton's were in malls, and people were still human beings. sigh.

Anyway, I have a Gift card for the mall with B&N in it, and now I'm trying to figure out a way to sneak over and spend it all on me. Mother of the year, that's me!


marmeesez said...

well factor 10, I am with you on the sitting at the train table in B&N...but I do have to tell you they get older and it gets better. I can take my 11 and 10year olds to the bookstore and order them hot chocolate, and we have a wonderful time. I cannot take my 4 and 7yr. old tho. The last time I tried to take them, out of mom guilt...they knocked over a cardboard display of books while we waited in checkout line, sigh. The time before that I turned (by sixth sense) just in time to yell "don't move that hand!!" as a small hand reached for the fire alarm pull...glorious moment indeed, we were in the cafe part, big audience. I keep swearing, never again...
hang in there!!
another Jen in Ca

i know, i know, I need to update to beta...

crse said...

I know that damn train table way too well my friend. Dont you dare feel guilty about using that gift certificate by yourself! Im currently trying to figure out how to get over to toys are us to get diapers with my baby's gift certificate. Id do it with the four year old's too, but he is too damn observant now for me to get away with it. Get over there and browse your little heart out. Heck. Stop and get a coffee too!