Saturday, January 20

It's like the American Dream...UAE style

So I browse the PayPerPost listings from time to time, to see if there's anything that I know anything about that might make me a little bit of green towards my dream of keeping Big O in hoodie sweatshirts until the cold snap is over...

While we may be entering an unannounced ice age which has killed the citrus crop in California, and I may lose a little toe to frostbite, There is no cold snap in Dubai.

Excuse me, Jennifer? Dubai? What could you possibly know about Dubai except that Michael Jackson runs there to avoid extradition? Well, I have passed this opportunity on Payperpost on more than one occasion, and I would have said "nothing." But then we got our subscription to National Geographic at work, and there was an article on Dubai! Two days later our Budget Travel came in, and there it was again! It seemed, my bloggy friends, like destiny.

It's a neat story of the little sheik that could. With nothing like the EPA, or, say, OSHA, to stop him, The man decided that Oil was NOT going to be enough to save his country/kingdom. So he dredged the hell out of his little creek (really, it's Dubai Creek, I think), and built a world class port. Then he built high rise hotels all along the water, created a fabulous investment friendly economy (no taxes), and started building artificial islands so that all of the folks could spend $3-30 million on beach front homes.

The National Geographic article (surprise!) also mentions the indentured servitude that many asian workers find themselves trapped in to work here, and the squalid conditions that they live in. But even NG acknowledges that it's pretty free of racial strife, in spite of the multiple ethnicities crammed into such a small area. The Budget Travel looooved the variety of ethnic food available, and found it surprising that the hotels were often good sources of good food (as opposed to bland, "safe" food usually found at hotels).

sigh. I will probably never make it to Dubai (sorry, Budget Travel, but you guys are NOT looking at MY budget), but if you have any friends that worshipped Ronald Reagan, I think this place really is the Republican American Dream come to life--in the middle of the United Arab Emirates. Without the EPA to save the coral reefs, or OSHA to protect the worker bees, They have created luxury living like Vegas (being landlocked, and trapped in American bureaucracy) could only dream of. The sponsor of this post encourages you to check out their Dubai property. I think that most of my bloggy friends have budgets closer to my own than Donald Trump, so I encourage you to go out to the library and read about the little sheikh that could in the January issue of National Geographic. Neat stuff, unless you're a big fan of Coral Reefs or human rights. You know what? It's still a neat story about a man with a dream, allowed to fulfill it unchecked. Somewhere out there, Ronald Reagan is smiling.
This was a flippin' sponsored post.

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Jennifer said...

I liked your post, I will have to go find that article. loved your reference to "The great one".

Jenny in Ca
p.s. what are hoodies costing you these days? hope the green flows your way...