Wednesday, January 3

Thursday Thirteen #22-Resolutions

I, Jennfactor10, being of sound mind and questionable bodyfat, hereby declare the following 13 things to be happening in 2007:

1. Fewer sodas--44 oz. of soda is the equivalent in sugar to eating an entire chocolate cake. They gave that statistic on the radio a few years ago, and that was when I worked at the mall and would chug 2-32 oz. sodas a day. Talk about Panic! Not to mention the whole carbonated bevs leaching the calcium from your bones thing....all of those sweet little hunchbacked old ladies? Yeah, not looking to be one of them.

2. Less Coffee--since leaving the mall, I have broken the Mocha habit, but I still have a LARGE cuppa Joe each morning at work. Enough coffee goes into my system during the weekdays that I get a headache on weekends if I don't have something caffeinated.

3. Eat Breakfast--I skip breakfast all the time, and I know that's BAD. I need to start my metabolism if I'm ever going to lose weight.

4. Cook More--I need to save a little money, and cook real meals more often.

5. Bedtime--This is for Little O, who has always stayed up until daddy gets home, but she's getting older, and the Honey is going to have to get used to her being asleep when he works late--It's getting too hard on all of us!

6. I will get the Honey to the Doctor's this year--he doesn't wanna go for love nor money, but this is the year....

7. Keep House. I will subscribe to the flylady again in hopes of having a clean and shiny sink (And forty-two emails a day). Does anyone out there know of a bitchy fly lady that gets to the point and is a little more bitter about it? I appreciate the encouraging words, but I need the gist SOONER when there are forty posts to wade through. Maybe flylady light, or a separate flybaby email list?

8. Blog Blog Blog. I will post regularly and this year I will figure out photos since Flickr is not fond of the new blogger. It's boring without them!

9. Get off my butt! I will resume meeting Bre in the park to become the object of scorn and ridicule as I try to wiggle away my jiggle. Is it significant that this is listed far away from the better eating/less coffee numbers?

10. I will rid my house of all the clothes that we have not worn in the last year. Seriously, this is an ongoing issue for me.

11. I will re-arrange the furniture in my house for better feng shui. Okay, I'm kidding, but I will put things back into their logical places--my "experimental furniture grouping" was an unqualified failure.

12. Oh, Big O, you are in for a Homework REVELATION!!!!!! No more of this work that is done, but not turned in.

13. I will get my will done (i bought a do-it-yourself kit like two years ago), so that there is no question about my wishes for my kids.

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Chickadee said...

OMG, I had NO idea there were that much calories in a soda! I mean, I knew there were a lot, but not that much. Ugh. And I drink about 2 sodas a day. The foo foo coffees have a lot of carbos and calories too.

Good luck with kicking the soda habit. You have more will power than I do!

My 13 are up.

Lisa said...

I was just thinking today that #13 is something I need to do. Me an attorney, with no will. For shame.

Le laquet said...

I have been eating a healthy breakfast every morning since the start (well 4th) of November ... hard at first but I am getting used to it. With no other efforts at all (and after a self indulgent Christmas) I have lost 8 lbs. It has to be the breakfast :o)

scribbit said...

That's a good list, sodas sure are addictive too.

Raggedy said...

Great list!
I had no idea that much sugar was in
Good luck with your goals may they all be met!
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is up

Sanni said...

Great list! Losing weight is planned for me as well =)
Thanks a lot for sharing your tips!

Happy New Year from Germany,


P.S.: Please visit my TT - Thanks a lot =)

Nathalie said...

Oh wow, this looks familiar :)
I also have to cut down on the coffee, start to eat breakfast and get more logical when it comes to housekeeping.
Good luck with everything!

Debbie said...

What a great list! I could not do with less coffee. Must have my 2 cups a day! I so agree with the eating breakfast. I think it is a good one to aim for! And #6 does ring a bell!

I played today! Have a wonderful Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Eating breakfast was one of the easiest changes I made last year. I don't have to have much, but now I have a hard time going without it (I still have a hard time doing breakfast on the weekends, I tend to just get up and go and forget all about it).

Soda...dammit, it is pop! LOL! Up here it is anyway. Umm, yeah, that was another change I made last year. I try not to have any and got to a point where my mouth was protesting the water. So I started adding a slice of lemon or lime and it worked wonders.

Good luck on the homework issue. We did that this school year after too many years of homework being a teeth-pulling issue.

crse said...

Is it bad that its only january fourth and YOUR new year's resolutions are making me feel guilty? Im slightly embarrassed and ashamed! But its a great list!

Jennifer said...

your #11 made me laugh!!

I struggle with breakfast too, the only time I eat healthy is when I am on Jenny Craig. Favorite breakfasts for me would be choc. chip bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a diet coke. or toast with jelly. I do have a problem...

good tt list!
mine is up, come visit!
Jenny in Ca

Oh, The Joys said...

No. Not #2. Not ever. No. I can't. NO.