Monday, January 8

Mission Impossible: Fridge

Today, I have declared, is Tupperware Evacuation Day.*
(a.k.a. the night before trash day)
As a part of my COMMITMENT to a cleaner, more streamlined house/life/existence, I am posting this for my bloggy friends to witness.  JOIN ME!  We will start a REVOLUTION!!!!!!!  (Okay, other people just DO this stuff, but I need some fanfare to get excited about it)
I re-subscribed to fly lady, and this time I asked for the one-a-day email, so they sent me one e-mail in 19 parts.  I like the fly lady stuff, I do.  But NINETEEN things?  Okay, one was just a reminder to drink water, but NINETEEN?
*If you live at my house, it's not technically Tupperware.  Instead, it's time for me to cautiously lift the aluminum foil on the forty two plates and bowls that my poor Mexican Honey's mother has sent home with us so that he can have home cooking.  He is such a Mexican male, however, that it would never occur to him to re-heat something for himself, and I find that behavior and/or misguided belief that I will wait on him hand and foot regrettable, to say the least.  So they sit, unloved, under their aluminum foil, until it is time to harvest dishes to go back to my MIL's house again. 


Sayre said...

Yeah - Wednesday is going to be my day for that - right after I take the cat to the vet... (Trash day is Thursday).

I love organizing, but I don't think I'm very good at it. Don't know if it's me or all the guys I live with, but once I get stuff organized, it falls to crap within a day...

factor 10 said...

Oh, I am right there with you, Sayre!!!

Anonymous said...

I did that last night. This morning is also our garbage pick up day. Most of my toss outs were just a week's buildup...except one. And that one was the leftover jello I brought to Thanksgiving dinner at my brother's house?

marmeesez said...

I'm half mexican, I totally get the male reference...

good luck with the tupperware thing.
me, I just decided to never have left overs, they just sit forgotten and unloved.

Jenny in Ca