Saturday, January 6

Krypto vs Ignatius


These are the days I regret my no-cable-T.V. stance.

I can't afford it.

We spend too much time glued to the damned thing now, as it is.

My kids are still happy about Saturday morning cartoons, and I love that. But then I sit and I watch with Little O.

Krypto, the dog from Superman's planet. His song is awful. He's fighting Ignatius the evil iguana, who's messing with the city's power supply to operate his giant bug zapper, so he can have a snack.

All of the good cartoons are on cable.

I'm sorry, Little O.


crse said...

Its true. I watched Krypto once. Once. I wanted to hurt something out of sheer annoyance. But then thanks to cable ive lost hours of time to jimmy neutron and sponge bob. NOt to mention of course, "justice league". At least krypto is free!

kim said...

yeah i agree ...i pay for crappy cartoons ... and thomas the train on indemand ...ugh