Tuesday, January 9

Mission Impossible: kitchen cabinets

Here's what I gleaned from the twenty e-mails today. 
Drink water.
Lay out your clothes before you go to bed.
Your mission for the day is to toss sippy cup lids that fit nothing, OR, alternately, toss sippy cups without lids.  Personally, I'd keep one on hand for your cousin's kid that only drinks things that are violently pink and always spills on the lightest item in any room.  C'mon, you know that kid.  In my life, it's usually MY kid.  
This applies to :
the gladware that is permanently orange
the old deli container that you lost the lid to 
The rubber headed spatula that always falls off the stick when you are scraping out cake batter
that taco bell spork that's been riding around in your silverware drawer forever  
your epic collection of half unwrapped fast-food straws 

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