Friday, January 26


It was Kismet!


CRSE, too, was called by the notion of DorkBlogging.

When you are more than just a Mommyblogger(or not a mommy at all), but lack the javascript credentials of a card carrying GEEK, ask yourself--are you, perhaps a dork?

The answer is out there, my friends.


Help us find the perfect graphic for our button!

Better yet, Join Us!


Kat said...

hmmm. . . i know i don't qualify as a geek, and i might possibly qualify as a dork, and yet I find although I lurk on your blog and the blogs of those you read, I do NOT have my own blog, so I guess I have to work on the "blogger" part.:-)

Jennifer said...

I still think we need a Jen website, so we can unite and formulate our plans to take over the world.

but dork site is good too, what do I have to do to belong?

or did I just do it?

-Jenny in Ca
p.s. I did your meme over at my blog, go see..I have cool shoes...