Friday, January 19

I got tagged! I got tagged!

Sheesh! Step away from the computer for two days and what happens? Kim not only posts something, she posts a meme and tags ME!!! (Yay)

It's the Mastercard Meme, or The Priceless 5, or, um, yeah. The meme.

Very simple meme, take the numbers 1-5 then priceless while matching them up with number type things in your life (you could go to 10 if you want to, I don't feel like it at this particular moment in time).

5... The number of people the Honey would like to have in our little family. Favorite Sister-in-law (and we may have to re-think that title) has planted it in Little O's head that she is getting a baby brother for Christmas.

4... The number of times I have skipped Thursday Thirteen since I started...but the original blog that I stalked, Casual Slack, has started occasionally doing TT's, so I figure it balances out, cosmically speaking.

3... The number of dryers I have gone through since moving into my ghetto duplex. Number three was finally installed this week--no more laundromats-yay! What am I doing to kill them?

2... Lifetimes worth of laundry I have to catch up on this weekend. ugh.

1... aneurysm I thought I was having--my wireless keyboard finally needs it's batteries changed. I thought my typing had suddenly gone to hell, but I knew I was hitting all of the keys...

Priceless... Shopping with Little O and realizing that she talked nonstop for three hours, and that it's exactly what I used to do. If my parents never stuffed a sock into my mouth, I guess I have to resist the urge as well. Good thing she's entertaining!

I am tagging CRSE, as soon as she is feeling better, Sayre, and The "Mind". I'd also like to tag Jenny in CA, but I know she's got a full plate right now.


Sayre said...

Three dryers??? Must be all that rubber apparel you're putting through. Don't you know you're supposed to line-dry that stuff? Oh, and to hell with what the neighbors say...

I will have to think about this - it's a different kind of meme!

factor 10 said...

No, no, Sayre. We like Pleather.

Anonymous said...

I swear I think Pman is trying to kill our dryer, but so far, no luck. He does all the laundry and refuses to check pockets. It is unbelievable the stuff that goes through the wash and comes out in the dryer with kids. LOL!

Jennifer said...

like your meme, ...2 lifetimes...that is a long time, and I might add a clever use of the number 2.

my 7 year old boy talks and talks...drives me to distraction sometimes!

things are back to normal today, after a month of not normal, so I will tackle your meme tonight. I want to play, too!

Jenny in CA