Thursday, January 4

Where was this when I was stuck in Management Hell?

I was a terrible boss.

I loved and adored my employees, even when they were useless flakes and even as I knew that they were sabotaging me with their crappy performances when I wasn't there.

I hired 'em because I liked them, and it was usually okay. But I was always late with reviews. I would make sure that they got their measly raises, but the review itself? Pure agony. Where was this Performance Appraisalsoftware when I needed it?
Up until now, I've never worked for a company that would have shelled out for the software, but I'd have probably sold my right ovary if it would have helped me write reviews. I even dreaded the GOOD reviews.

I was so disheartened at my last management position that I happily took the low man on the totem pole of customer service just so I would never again be in the position of being stabbed in the back by an employee I had hired and trained. My co-workers are going to give me an ulcer the way they ride my manager like a bad pony. I swear there's not an ounce of compassion or empathy in 9 out of 10 of them. But if they have a crisis? They tear up and sob on her shoulder.

GRRR Grrr grrr

Okay, back to my lovely sponsored post.

I love toys that make your life easier. Give me a review writer and a software program that you could enter 8 different college student's schedules in, and I could have ruled the world. Okay, the mall. But I could have ruled.

I am beyond that now, but my boss actually gave me a pretty well thought out review last year. One more piece of evidence that she SHOULD be a manager and I should NOT. Heeeeeyyyy-do you think she already HAS the software?


crse said...

I think I might do this. Would it be ok? Im realizing as i read your stuff that its possible to be entertaining and still write about this. Its all very intriguing. Would it be good or bad for you if your readers followed suit?

Cece said...

I could never be in management. Although I've got a 'leader' personality I just couldn't do it. Nope.

I also HATE review time. We have to do self evaluations & then sit w/our boss. I get SO nervous each time.

I noticed you're in CA, too, what part?

factor 10 said...

CRSE- Be a lemming, join the fun!
There are some opportunities that I couldn't take, cause I know nothing, but I say the more the merrier!

Cece- I am in the lovely armpit of Central California, Stockton. I stopped and debated if there was a town of our size that's worse, but I think we beat Fresno for murders, and Bakersfield at least has songs written about it...yep, we're the stinky pit. And yet when we're shaved and freshly washed, Stockton is a lovely place to be. I have a a hard time convincing people of that. Maybe my pit analogy is to blame?

factor 10 said...

And now I stutter when I type!?!?

kim said...

please let me be #10 ... or did you mean 7 out of 10?

factor 10 said...

Ha! It took me a minute...I was picking a number at random, baby!
Never fear! I wasn't talking about you when I spoke of the viper pit of love and, work.
When WILL I learn the strike through code?