Saturday, January 20

Hellooooo, Guilty Pleasure.

I heart the bitchy review site IT2M.

They are brutal. They are particular. They hate Mommybloggers, people who whore out their blogs (um, PayPerPost, anyone?), and black backgrounds. Okay, mine is a very dark grey, but still... I am constantly amazed that people submit their blogs to this site and are mortally wounded/deeply offended/completely psychotic about the reviews that they get. They (the IT2M crew) only truly like about one in twenty.
I am sure that there are loving supportive blog review sites that offer constructive criticism and cheerleading for the blogs that they deem less than top notch. But IT2M is NOT that site.
I know enough to NEVER submit my blog to them, because I like my fragile self esteem and reed-like ego intact, thank you. They are how I found Death's Door, which I read faithfully now. He was one of the few that they liked, even with the black template of Doom (or is it Death?). What is it in people that makes them submit to a site like that? Because some of them are, really, pretty bad--do we all think that we are hysterically funny, and we all need to be smacked? Is it really the same thing that makes you blog in the first place, and my sense of self importance is going to balloon out of control the longer I blog? Or are they just the blog variation of the same pinheads who steroid up their car stereos until they can be used to remove loose fillings? Crazy. That's what they are. But the reviews of their blogs can be entertaining.

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Greg Beck said...

First, thank you for enjoying my site and I’m so glad you found me.
I love that site and it took me a couple of months before I threw myself on their mercy. I just wanted to see how my site stood up under extreme criticism and I come off feeling very lucky.