Wednesday, March 21

Because Nothing says DIRTY like...

When I think of double-talking, shifty-eyed, lying, thieving behavior, I like to think it goes something like this:
I suppose if you're going to kick and fuss, you can speak to my staff. 
But not formally.
And not under oath.
And no record of their UNofficial UNsworn testimony may be made.
The funny thing about it is that I think every administration fires these lawyers and sets up their own.  This isn't something exclusive to Dubya, it's just that there is such a culture of deceit in place that it never occurred to anyone to just confirm that they canned a bunch a lawyers, just like every other administration.

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crse said...

Did you read the thing about the senior citizens turning on W? It is a beautiful and good thing to piss of the old people. They will take you down.