Tuesday, March 6

I am really soooo geeked out.

My christmas dream comes to fruition in two weeks.
No, not the winning lotto ticket, or a real house, but the CONCERT!
I have, taped to the inside of my coffe cup cupboard, where even I cannot lose it, a manila envelope containing two tickets to see Eric Clapton.  As if that were not it's own little slice of heaven, Robert Cray is opening.
I have resisted thinking about it too much (although I admit I got a little misty when I realized what it was I was getting for Christmas), so that I would not obsess.  But it's getting closer and I'm starting to get excited.
I've seen Robert Cray twice already, and I'd be just as excited to see him again--but it's Eric-Freaking-Clapton.
To quote my fellow dork, Pippajo, SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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