Saturday, March 10

surfing the blogrolls...

I love cruising other people's blogrolls to find new good stuff. Because we've all established how well that "Next Blog" button works out for us. I found this quote atGabalot's Bits.

Some People are like slinkies
Not really good for anything
But they still bring a smile to your face
When you push them down a flight of stairs
is one of those people with Fabulous links.


Sayre said...

hahahahahahha!!!!! I can think of a few slinkies myself!!!

Mert said...

Too funny. I can't help myself, I always laugh when someone trips or falls on stairs.

Except for when it's me.;)

crse said...

Oh my god thats brilliant. I need to send that to all the folks who suffer at the hands of iced cookie guy.

Anonymous said...

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