Sunday, March 18

Today is the last day of my vacation.

the scandal of the starving baby
Originally uploaded by Djuliet.

My house is maaaaaaarvelous. No, really, it's like a whole new house. But I spent a week away from work and went nowhere. I think I only left my house three times. Little O didn't go to daycare, and actually, I kept Big O home from school one day (gasp!).

It was....lovely. I was terrible at my stint as a stay at home mom. I was so lonely and isolated that I just gained four thousand pounds and became a raving bitch. (At least according to the ex.) This was fun. Even with the cleaning, or maybe...because of the cleaning?
I'm not sure I'm ready to go THAT far, but it was a week well spent. Now I just want another one to enjoy it, and actually get some reading time in. this thing on?

Anyone volunteering to pay all of my bills so I can read and blog at my leisure?

Oh well, back to the garbage mines.


crse said...

Ahhh buddy, if i find someone to pay mine ill ask them to throw you in for good measure. I wish at least i could give you another week to enjoy!

Factor 10 said...

I swear I heart that picture of the baby so much, I could totally use it on my banner. Brilliant. Says how I feel most days perfectly.

Sayre said...

That's the kind of vacation I would take - cleaning my house top to bottom. Nothing feels better than a really clean house. Of course, it only lasts as long as YOU are the only one there. The instant you add a husband or a kid it all reverts to its original state... like magic.

Maybe you can make the baby your avatar!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Sounds like you might need a vacation from your vacation! I need to take a lesson from you, I can imagine how fabulous my house would be if I devoted a week to it like that!