Tuesday, March 13

To my more dignified bloggy compadres?

I wanna have a little contest over at Dorkbloggers. I want you to confess your dorkiest moment on Friday, April thirteenth. I'll set up a linky box on Dorkbloggers, and if you put a link to Dorkbloggers, or one of the specially manufactured buttons (are you reading this, Mert?) on your blog, you'll be entered to win...uh, something. Probably an amazon giftcard, because nothing beats filthy lucre, eh?

We'll have a poll to take votes on the winner, and you can cruise other people's entries via the linky box, and if you don't have a blog you can leave your story in my comments and I'll re-post it for you, and, and, can you think of anything else?

OOOOh! For those of you who had to stop and think of the last time you did something dorky, we'll make up a grown-up button. For those of you who had to stop and think of WHICH dorky moment to use, we'll have some more of that cartoon goodness you've come to expect from dorkbloggers.

I realize that I am pimping hard for my little endeavor, but I hope that some of you guys who don't normally dorkblog will play.

I haven't posted it over at Dorkbloggers yet because I am still pondering my options, here--I am totally open to suggestions, hints, and stern lectures about whoring myself out for a little traffic.

But c'mon. You know you want to play, baby.


Factor 10 said...

Would I lose the dignified element if I named it OhNoDorkBlo? Or OhNoDorkBloInApro? I'm in my kitchen giggling at the thought of OhNoDorkBlo...
OR we could be REALLY cool and be OhNoDorkBloInAproSayItAin'tSoPlezPlezNoMo.
Miles to go before I sleep....

Factor 10 said...

Freaking blogger cut me off!
It ends ..PlezPlezNoMo.

I think my contacts have etched patterns into my cornea. So tired.

Mert said...

*SNORT!* I loved that you came back to finish your run on title!:D

I shall do your bidding, Mistress of Dorkiness! What kind of button are you looking for... or are you talking about one I have made already? because what we can do is just post a link to my dork bloggers photobucket folder (and yours too), and people can just go grab the buttons there if you want.

Ash said...

Dude, I am so in.

crse said...

did i ever tell you this is an awesome idea? if not its only because i suck. Gill is home on friday, i promise ill be more helpful co-blogging then!