Sunday, March 4

er, um, oh gawd.

I was just bored and hitting the "next blog" button, which usually takes me to kids from brazil and malaysia--but I found a lady who just got a ping pong table--I am actually very jealous. BUT I DIGRESS...

A few more clicks, and where do I find myself? At someone's SecondLife blog. Now I admit that I am generally pretty far behind the trends anymore, because, well, my REAL life gets in the way. I haven't been blogging for a full year, yet, and I had to ask my sixteen year old niece to show me how to text on my cell phone--which I promptly forgot. I am by no means up on the new things. I am intrigued by Sarah at Still Life with Soup Can's forays into Oblivion.
But this other lady has started a blog for the "photos" of her modelling jobs for her SecondLife persona.
Am I more forgiving of Sarah because it's sci-fi fantasy themed, so I GET it more? Because Sarah doesn't strike me as odd at all, but this lady completely freaked me out. Maybe it's that Sarah writes about real life, and the other blog was made up almost solely of this lady's modelling jobs? I don't know. I am embarrassed FOR her.
Maybe I am just hopelessly un-cool.


Sheila said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to meet you too! I never hit the "next blog" button before. Maybe I should try it sometime and see what comes up!
Have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

The only things I get via "next blog" are political stuff and blogs in other languages that I don't have a hope or prayer for interpreting.

So until blogger has a "next blog in English" button, I've given up. LOL!

Sarah said...

It's rare that I hit that button and get anything in English. LOL about Oblivion... I don't know, I am up to 50 photos in my stupid Flickr album of "me looking cool in the game", which makes me think I need to stop. :-D Second Life isn't something I've checked out, because I think you're right-- it's the fantasy/scifi stuff that interests me, too. It's cool to swordfight. But I wouldn't want to run around looking cool in a game that's like real life, because it wouldn't have a point for me.