Wednesday, March 14

Thursday 13-Vacation Sucks Haikus

Thirteen Vacation Sucks Haiku--haikus? nah, gotta be haiku. haikooses?

Inspired by my bloggy hero, Casual Slack

Called the city guy
please sir can I have some more
Axe falls on Friday

Co-worker bite me
No one called about my house
Thanks for the support

Clean Cleaner Cleanest
I hate the smell of pine sol
Want to go to work

Fingernails are gone
fumes creeping into my brain
oooh, pretty colors

scrub, scrub, scrub a dub dub, dub
Mr Clean, suck this

my son is grounded
much like the food in his rug
cleaned his room, my ass

i am so tired
he is sleeping, why not me?
coffee is my friend

quit blogging and clean
how can you be so stupid
they'll be here Friday

Aw, look at the snaps!
Little O with my mom-oh, crap
Distracted again

Must invite in-laws
"Come to dinner and judge me"
Good thing I like them

Wait, didn't I just
Empty this stupid vacuum?
Love my bagless vac.

must buy more coffee
and some steak ASAP
on my knees already

Last Haiku, thank you
back to the wretched cleaning
what a vacation

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Laughing Muse said...

That is, without a doubt, one of the most sucktastic ways to spend a vacation. It's right up there with recovering from a major injury, bailing friends out of jail in another state, or being ill.

Chelle A. said...

Oh man, what a way to spend a vacation. Hope things brighten up for you!


Janet said...

Not a very good vacation, sorry!

JennyMcB said...

Vacations like that make going to work a little easier.
Your son in trouble
Mine won't clean his room either
They do grow and leave.....

Rose said...

LOL This is great. Laughing at the Co-worker bite me
No one called about my house
Thanks for the support.

Sorry to hear your Vacation sucked.

Mert said...

"and some steak ASAP
on my knees already":D

Gotta love S&BJ Day!

Great haikooses ;) Or is it haikeese?

Duchess said...

I feel your pain! Scraping twenty year old wallpaper off bathroom walls.

Hope your next vacation is awesome!

Morgen said...

My favorite: Cleaned his room, my ass

Ha!!! Great list, sorry your vacation wasn't as great!

It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Amanda said...

I have to say this is one of the most unique TT's I've seen yet! sorry about the vaca.

PJ said...

Sounds like you need a real vacation to get over that one!

Jamie said...

Read your top of the blog blurb. When people are in pioneer and survival mode, stupidity is a capital offense.

When you run out of running room, civilization takes over and stupidity steadily becomes the rule until the next crash when human beings have to start all over. We may be near the crash.


You can feel the nervousness in your writing. If you like them & they like you....take a break every once in a while. :-)

Sophisticated Writer said...

I think I prefer work, work and more work in that case :D

Great TT!

Taconcubano said...

Haiku-wise, think I find the one on inviting the in-laws the best. It is great! Hope you recover at work soon. I just had a cousin staying for a week and he did the dishes every day, which was great because the last big thunderstorm killed our dishwasher.

crse said...

Knowing you as I do, I cannot but appreciate the humor of this as it surpasses everything else. I LOVE how you always get the funny side of everything and dont take it all too seriously.

Jen said...

Awesome Haikus!

A bad vacation
is a tragedy

you have my sympathies

Melissa said...

I didn't do a TT on my bookblog this week, but I really enjoyed your haiku, and wanted to say so.