Tuesday, March 27

My children look like criminals.

I worked in the mall for years.
I watched endless legions of kids almost get mowed down walking ahead of their parents in the parking lot.
Little O has to hold a hand on any patch of asphalt.  She just knows. 
The other rule that is iron clad when we are out is that if we are next to our car, both kids have to be touching the car.  I don't care where, I don't care how, a body part of yours had better be touching a body part of the car.  If you are close enough to touch my car, you are too far away from other cars to be in trouble (at least in regards to getting mowed down or scratching other vehicles).
Little O has begun assuming the position when I call out the reminder to touch the car.
Remind me to ask the Honey to stop watching "Cops" with her in the afternoons.

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crse said...

this is why i adore you. Id love to hear you ask little o in the mall parking lot how much she had to drink that night.