Monday, March 12


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The Honey isn't feeling good today, and I kind of blew off making dinner for him last night, so he's starving. I stopped at the store and got his favorite breakfast food.
Looking on Flickr, there are lots of dry looking sausages that look pretty good. But the chorizo I find in the markets here in CA is a ground type thing, loose--no casing.

It looks like something I'd scrape off of my shoe and then tie my shoe to the bumper in hopes of keeping the smell out of the car. Once you heat it up, your dog has the runs. It smells wonderful, but the preferred way to eat it, at least for the honey, is with scrambled eggs. He likes the chorizo scrambled into the eggs so it's one big slop. This stuff is sooooo greasy and soaks up ten eggs like nothing. This is why Chorizo is a treat for him, because it's such a huge quantity by the time it's done. He'll be eating it for the next few days, because after reading the ingredients, I can't say that I'll be touching it. I don't do lymph. We'll just rank it right up there with menudo.


Sayre said...

I love chorizo with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese and sour cream. With fried potatoes on the side. Not that I will EVER eat that again. Can you say heart-attack-on-a-plate?

crse said...

wow, you are making me AZ sick already! I used to make chorizo and scrambled eggs when i worked on Mt. lemmon in Tucson! (not that id ever eat it eather, but everything else sayre said sounds YUMMY)

Factor 10 said...

I loves me some fine mexican cuisine. Right up until you start adding innards. No organs, nodes, or anything that could be referred to as nature's little filters. I get grossed out by pork rinds. Could I please have some deep fried skin?

amisare waswerebeen said...

Mmmmm, chorizo, yum. I'm drooling on the keyboard.