Sunday, March 4

You forget so many of the little things...

I adore the way small children think.

I told Little O that I love her bunches.

She one-upped me and told me that she loves me bunches of much.

You think you won't ever forget the funny things that they say.

But they fade, and just tickle your conscious brain as you watch them play vidoe games or patiently fly kites with their little sister. It kills me that I did not document more of Big O's amazing thought processes when he was her age. He was such a funny kid. I feel almost guilty documenting Little O without a corresponding Big O memory.

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Sayre said...

It is one of the reasons I started blogging. I wish I had done this when Z-boy was little. At least there is now a record of what was going one in our lives, pictures and things he said and did that made me laugh or drove me crazy. It's mostly about me and what I think, but I think about and do for him a lot and what I'm up do affects him tremendously.

I only had one shot at this mother-thing... and I missed the first few years of recording. But I have LOTS of pictures!!!!